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Guided Meditations

with Steve Ross

Meet Steve

Meditation Guide

How to Meditate

What Steve shares is not just a moment of focus or concentration, but a way of shifting awareness to bring the spirit of meditation into daily life. With love and joyful abandon, Ross offers us a new way to LIVE in a meditative existence;  where deep calm, peace and unwavering happiness reside. 


In Ross's various meditations, books, lectures and retreats, Ross reveals that everyone is inherently happy, but that our true self, our very nature, is shrouded and concealed by the layers of worry that through habit, become our daily thoughts. Steve provides the secret to transcending the seriousness of life, and allowing joy, bliss and peace to fulfill your being.

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“Underneath Steve’s refreshing humor and light-heartedness lies an uncompromising
dedication to spiritual truth and awakening.”
- Eckhart Tolle, author of
The Power of Now

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