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Meet Steve

Meditation Guide

After studying meditation in India and travelling all over the world with gurus, sages and masters of all spiritual backgrounds, Steve Ross returned to his hometown of Los Angeles with an increased insight into what meditation is, and what it could be for everyone.

Steve found the presentations of meditation in the West to be partial and formulaic, and most importantly, missing the core essence of what meditation really is. Meditation in its truest form is about expanding and enhancing the joy of being, which is our true, inherent nature. Most meditations seem to miss this completely by focusing only on the surface, with methods of concentration and “mindfulness,” for example. 

In Ross's various teachings, books, lectures and retreats, Ross reveals that everyone is inherently happy, but that our true nature is concealed by the layers of worry that through habit, become our daily thoughts. Ross shares a lifestyle that helps people shift not only their thoughts, but also their perceptions and thus, their overall experience of daily life.

Ross's power is that he goes back to the source, five thousand years of ancient wisdom, and decodes the abstract Eastern ideas for a Western audience. What Steve shares is not just a moment of focus or concentration, but a way of bringing the spirit of mediation into your daily life. With love and joyful abandon, Ross offers us a new way to LIVE with deep joy and unwavering calm in any situation.

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Group Meditation with Steve Ross

Please join me live on Zoom every Thursday 6pm PST / 9pm EST + Sunday 6pm PST / 9pm EST.  With valuable insight and guided meditation, we will begin to transcend the seriousness and worry of your mind, to allow for joy, bliss and peace to fill your being. 

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